Amanda 242 (psychoticangels) wrote in auctionhell,
Amanda 242


I ordered some stuff from someone on Ebay and received my order missing one item. I've contacted the seller and told her I was missing the one item and she said she would send it out asap. Well that was like 2 weeks ago and I still have not got the item. I had a 2nd order of a couple things [that ended at a later date] with the same seller and have received those items no problem. It was stupid of me to order more from her before I received the missing item and I know that.

I just send her another message today explained that I am still missing the one item from the first order and she can either refund my money or send the item. Those are the 2 choices we have before I leave her feedback.  I've really trying to resolve this issue.

This is the seller: [and I am still missing one pad!] I do like her items and they are of good quality and such I just have a issue with if I should leave negative feedback if the issue isn't resolved. It's frustrating me!
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